Welcome to the TRYIT Sevens page!

Embracing the spirit of northern rugby, Tryit Rugby Sevens stands as a dynamic platform where players from the north shine on the prestigious sevens circuit. Beyond our remarkable participation in established tournaments, we take pride in curating our signature event – the Tryit Sevens. This exciting endeavour is conducted in collaboration with the Leigh Festival and is scheduled to unfold on the 25th and 26th of May this year


Building Opportunitues!

"Championing the essence of northern rugby on the sevens circuit, Tryit Rugby Sevens offers a unique opportunity for players who may not have previously ventured into the world of sevens to showcase their talents. This platform becomes a stepping stone, empowering these athletes to shine and elevate their game, potentially propelling them to the next level of their rugby journey!"

Grassroots Rugby growth!

it acts as a dynamic vehicle to amplify our commitment to promoting and nurturing grassroots rugby. Featuring non-professional players, our primary objective extends beyond mere victory. We aim to spotlight the clubs these players proudly represent, emphasizing our broader cause—to foster the growth of grassroots rugby, ensuring a vibrant future for the sport at the grassroots level.

The new way of playing !

At Tryit Rugby, we embrace an off-the-cuff playing style, allowing us the freedom to explore new approaches without the fear of failure or defeat. It's about showcasing our genuine love for rugby, while maintaining a professional demeanor and adopting a modern outlook on the game.